“Design addresses real needs.
 Good Design makes you forget those needs ever existed.”


They said

“Design is easy, Art is for the clueless.”

Because they did not understand


Articulating the Invisible

Having come from a world focused on the material, one where the intangible has been forgotten, Sophos – dedicated to this world, is about articulating the invisible, what the eyes do not see. It is where I share what I have discovered about Design – what it truly is about, and about Life because they have been truly inseparable – for those who are searching.

tip: There are several categories. But it’s always good to start with the foundations… especially Invisible ones!

Do you need Design advise?

Start by getting to know Design a little, Sophos is where I collect my design discoveries, written in simple words. If you prefer getting help right away, find out how we could do it together, remotely.