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Coined from a simple mathematical formula – the word ‘philosophy’ is made up of the root words in Greek philo– which means love, and sophos– which means wisdom. Together, they mean the love of wisdom.

This space is a collection of Design discoveries, valuable learning, hence Design Philosophy represents

= love of design wisdom


An effort to articulate the unseen and misunderstood.

The design world is one that is subjective – intangible, abstract, and one which is not easily grasped (literally!) This space seeks to explain the world of design to show that it is more than mindless aesthetic, that it does go deeper than mere ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’.


Design is 'easy', Art is for the' clueless'.

I came from a world which does not believe in Design and does not know Art.

A design journey that started out of a stubborn passion for aesthetics revealed much later that there is so much more than meets the simple consumer eye. Today, a Designer that firmly believes in the convergence of function and beauty, and that Design is a worthy discipline in itself.

Through personal experiences both my own and of others willing, I hope to share this learning – of this world of Design as I am coming to know it, and also of life beyond the tangible through Sophos (yes, I gave my blog a name!) where I write, and share what I do as an Interior Designer here at Design Philosophy.

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