Design Worlds Part 1: Product of Our Origins

Where ever we may be in the world today, no matter where we come from – we are the environments we have lived in, those we spend our time with, all that we have read. We think, taste and see the world building on every little individual, memorable experience.

The world we live in today is an overwhelming one characterized by a bombardment of (limitless) information available at little or no cost, whether we want it or not – where two points cross-globe are accessible almost instantaneously, where humans can pop-up overnight from one end to the other – that slow, closed, little world we knew before the internet is no longer.


We May All Seem Similar…

In this age of infinite possibilities still dictated by the unchanged human-scale time constraints and brain power, it is easy to overlook that though humankind is connected virtually seamlessly (pun intended), though we can be continents away from where we were born – every single one of us individual – are unique outcomes of our respective origin, journey & experiences.


But We Actually Come from Different Worlds…

As we humans come from our one, yet such separate worlds invisibly but tangibly bordered by respective histories, cultures and environments – when it comes to Design, a byproduct of human activities set within such paradigms – as such, there exists also such diverse, unique worlds within.

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The writer is an Interior Designer who has lived in multiple dimensions and now seeks to bridge the Design gap between Worlds.