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Accessible, considered design to those who need them, wherever they are in the world.


“Functional at its core, beautiful in your eyes, and meaningful, above all.”

Designing is an organic process which begins with the intangible question of needs – I do not believe in trends. My focus is on life-improving, meaningful Design which arises from the considered resolution of needs complemented by the expression of individuality.

Hello, I’m Jenn.

I’m the Designer behind Design Philosophy – one with origins in Malaysia, bootcamp-trained in Singapore, enhanced by China, and enlightened by Italy, where I now live and work.

The beauty about our world today lies in the ease of communication. Having moved countries, clients have kept in touch wherever I have gone – and thus remote design work was born.

Today, I work directly with individuals and firms that need design advice, proposals, graphic presentations and subsequent drawings for onsite construction. I also share learnings in Sophos where I write about the essence of Design as they are discovered.

Operating from Milan, Italy, I have been working with clients internationally via email, Whatsapp, and Zoom. To them, it’s like having a Designer at their fingertips – just a text message away.

For onsite project management services, I have local collaborators in Malaysia, Singapore and Italy capable of executing the defined scope of works where clients are. The best part is that you can freely choose whom you want to work with, and I will be around to guide your design process – virtually!

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Sophos at Work: It is where Sophos, learnings on my Design journey is rigorously applied to every unique project – however big, or small.

And this is what Clients say

“Thank you, Jenn – it was a nice experience working with you, and by the way, I love the outcome of that loft we figured out together (and over whatsapp, too)!”


Ken Ng | Design Manager, ID Nirvana

“Jenn is a forward thinker and during her time with us in 2017 – has performed all functions related to the management of Interior Design projects. Now we miss Jenn, her sensitive personality as much as her problem-solving skills. Hoping to collaborate as soon as there will be a new chance.”

Milan, Italy

Maurizio Scalzi | Founder & Architect, Studio Scalzi

“I’ve been working with Jenn for years – from her time in Singapore, to Shanghai and even now while she resides in Milan, we work together remotely. She has always been very reliable, responsive, and provides increasingly valuable design work for me.

The time difference between Asia and Europe means that she’s ready to jump on my project immediately after my meeting with the client when it’s EOB here, and I have updates ready the very next morning!

She greatly simplifies my work – all I need to do is provide her with is a short brief, floor plan, some photos and some dimensions – and she will independently figure out the rest. I am definitely recommending her work to all those who need good Design.”​


Alan Lim | Project Manager, A4 Decor & Construction

“I knew instinctively that Jenn had a great aesthetic sense and style, and it has certainly been well proven throughout our collaboration.

She can be tough at times to ensure only the very best design practices are upheld for the client, and when cost is involved, ensures corresponding value is attained. She gave us a lot of input to achieve the best results in a short time and was involved also in project management activities and collaborated fluidly with the team.

With excellent communication skills, experience, and adaptability – performing well even in the local Italian speaking context, she will undoubtedly be a treasure to any team.”

Milan, Italy

Fabio Azzolina | Founder & Architect, Studio Azzolina

“I’m really happy with Jenn’s work – she is precise, independent, and has a positive attitude that makes working with her really enjoyable. She has been a star these days, I don’t know how I would have managed without her.”

London, England

Martina Pardo | Founder & Director, A Designer at Heart

“Functionality and ease of daily maintenance are key points for my wife and I.

Jenn truly listens to our needs and her detailed proposals reflect so. The result of our consultations with her are great material and colour matching tailored to our preferences, and she also ensures we stay within our budget. The best part comes when her design is realised, and we find all our needs fulfilled.

Since 2010, she has been my go-to Designer, whether it is my home, or office. It’s fantastic because communication with her is just a click away – no matter where she is in the world.”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kelvin Kew | Director, TITAN Plaster Ceiling Works

“Jenn and Fabio made a great team when they worked on my home in Milan. I knew I could rely on Jenn – she is trustworthy, sensitive, and pays attention to details.

Not only did she prepare beautiful presentations, she was also precise with matters pertaining the budget – verifying on my behalf all cost items before approving the release of payments to the various suppliers involved.

A pleasure to work with.”

Milan, Italy

Residential Client

What do you need?

Virtual Designer
Design Pack

You know what you are doing, and you have your own client base. You are typically a Design/ Architecture/ Construction firm with your own client base.

You need a Designer who can quickly understand your brief and produce professional Design Materials according to your signature and deadlines.

You need:

  1. Design Proposals | Concept, Renders, Presentations
  2. Design Drawings | Space planning, Construction details, Material specification, Sourcing guides

The scope of work is flexible and depends on what your requirements are. Any nature of work here will be tailored to your company’s identity – an extra pair of hands when you need.

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Remote Consultancy
Design Pack + Consultancy

You need all the Design help you can get, but ultimately, you want to fit-out that perfect space by yourself. You are typically a home/ business owner with plenty of ideas but don’t know where to start.

You actually want to do everything yourself and just need some Design aid along the way.

You need:

  1. Design Advise | throughout the process
  2. Design Materials | Visuals, Space planning, Construction details, Material specification, Sourcing guides

A process that helps convert your ideas and needs to reality – achieve that optimized, tailored space to suit your needs with Design Advise at your fingertips – no need to make that extra trip to the Designer’s physical office.

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Total Outsourcing
Design Pack + Consultancy + Project Management

You want that perfect space, but prefer to outsource the entire process. You are typically a home/ business owner who wants as little as possible to be involved in the fit-out process.

The less involved you are, the better for you. You only want the keys back when the space is ready.

You need:

  1. Design Advise | Throughout the process
  2. Design Materials | Visuals, Space planning, Construction details, Material specification, Sourcing guides
  3. Project Management | From the beginning to completion of a project

Just give me your requirements, occasional feedback, some time, keys – and I will manage the entire design, construction, sourcing and styling process with collaborators while you sit back, talk to me occasionally, and prepare for the big move!

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They refer to one of or many Design documents such as, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Floor plan
  2. Moodboard
  3. Visuals (Sketches/ 3D Renders)
  4. Construction Drawings (Reflected Ceiling Plan, Electrical, Lighting)
  5. Material Specifications (Wall, Floor finish, Joinery Detail Drawing)
  6. Sourcing Guides

It is a combination of more than one type of Design document – together which allows you to convert an idea into reality. It can also be a subset of the full Design Process, e.g. a Design Proposal/ Concept/ Tender Drawings/ Construction Drawings, etc.

It means you can ask me questions with regards to your design needs and I provide you with the best advise and alternatives on how to achieve your needs. We can either schedule calls, or if you are like me, enjoy texting, communicate on an agreed social messaging platform.

Unlike Mathematics or Accounting, Design is often not a simple 1 + 1 = 2 equation. It is often a decision between numerous possible solutions depending on factors ranging from your needs to preferences, to what is actually available to what actually fits in your budget.

Consultancy allows you to maximize function, aesthetics, and budget leveraging on my experience and know-how as a Designer in your best interest.

I schedule work on single projects at any one time to give the best advise/ design quality to clients.

As projects are often unique in scope and nature, my charges often go by time spent working on the project. An estimate will be provided based on the initial scope of work agreed upon, and any changes will be reflected in subsequent variation orders.

Do you need Design advise?

Start by getting to know Design a little, Sophos is where I collect my design discoveries, written in simple words. If you prefer getting help right away, find out how we could do it together, remotely.